MBA in Hospitality
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MBA in Hospitality

#1 in Switzerland QS World University Rankings 2024

We are thrilled to announce that once again, the MBA program has secured its 1st position in Switzerland in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

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Upcoming Short & Online Courses:

Explore our upcoming courses, meticulously crafted to enhance your expertise and expand your horizons in the hospitality industry. 

Hotel Asset Management

Financial Statement Analysis

Mastering Hotel Financials

Managing Underperforming Properties

Performing through Business Cycles

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Our Purpose

A trusted educational reference and partner for everyone believing in the power of people, we are committed to bringing advanced hospitality, service, and human-centric management skills to the world. Through our education and research, we are thought leaders in these areas for the benefit of diverse service and product-based industry contexts.

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Graduate School

We are on a mission to inspire new ways of thinking and equip people with the tools to shape the future of business in hospitality and service. Since 1893, our education focuses on engaging people’s minds, hearts, and hands to orchestrate human-centric strategies that create value in a virtuous circle.

Our lifelong learning programs and solutions accompany individuals through transformational learning journeys at different stages of their careers, and help companies invest in the power of their people.


EHL Graduate School

Degree programs

Our degree programs accompany you through different stages of your professional development. These transformational learning journeys help you sharpen your hard and soft skills to perform as a responsible leader, and build a personal network to accelerate your career.

Master of Science in Hospitality Management

Master in Global Hospitality Business

in Hospitality



EHL's Master in Hospitality Management

This full time Master program is designed for aspiring professionals who wish to deepen their management knowledge and skills. The program prepares you for work in diverse industries related to hospitality and service. During 3 semesters on EHL Campus Lausanne, you will learn to master complex managerial, financial, marketing and customer-centric concepts and apply these in real-life. Beyond developing your management and leadership skills, you will also specialize in order to gain an edge on specific topics of interest to you.  

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Master in Global Hospitality Business

Lausanne, Hong Kong, Houston: 3 cultures, 3 continents, 1 program. As its name suggests, this Master is the ideal program for aspiring professionals who aim for a career in the international hospitality industry. Thanks to its openness to the world, this program helps you develop the skills required to grow quickly in today's hospitality industry. You will gain invaluable experience and tools to manage multicultural teams, diverse clients, and local industry dynamics wherever your professional career takes you.

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MBA in Hospitality

The Master in Business Administration is designed to accompany experienced professionals through the next stages of their leadership journey in the hospitality and service sector. A blended part-time format allows you to follow a rigorous curriculum while on-the-job, for busy managers who are committed to their long-term personal and professional development. Join a global community of like-minded individuals, strengthen your commercial acumen, and expand your leadership toolkit.

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Executive MBA by EHL

The service economy is disrupting multiple industries as businesses transition from a product-based to a service-based model, and from transactional to experiential interactions. A human-centric management approach is therefore vital to making service businesses a success. This EMBA primes you to become a leader in any industry where people matter, equipping you with the transferable skills you need to create value through service in your chosen industry. Throughout the program, you gain a deeper understanding of people and learn how to orchestrate human-centric strategies to lead your service organization to the next level. 

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Hospitality EMBA with CEIBS

Our Hospitality Executive MBA (HEMBA) is a joint degree delivered in partnership with CEIBS (China Europe International Business School). With its focus on service business management, the program prepares you for China’s service sector. This part-time program composed of a series of immersive on-site weeks in different locations throughout Europe and Asia. Courses are taught simultaneously in Mandarin and English, using real-time translation services. 

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EHL Graduate School

Executive Education for Individuals

We are in an era of accelerating change, volatility and transformation. Now more than ever, it is important to be equipped with the specific knowledge and skills to tackle emerging business challenges and find new ways to create value.

We have designed a range of Professional & Lifelong Learning courses, delivered to you in person or online, to help you update your knowledge on distinct topics.

EHL Executive Education

EHL 4 HotellerieSuisse

EHL Executive Education

Inject energy into your career with specialized management courses, designed to deepen your expertise and broaden your horizons in hospitality, service, and human-centric management topics. In an Executive Education course by EHL, you learn by doing. Our courses are firmly anchored in business realities and enhanced with sensory, experiential, and social learning. Participating in a course is a unique opportunity to get immersed in a campus learning environment, meet with faculty experts, and network with peers to gain fresh perspectives. 

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HotellerieSuisse and EHL Graduate School workshops

For hoteliers and food & beverage professionals, we have organized a series of workshops in partnership with HotellerieSuisse. The 12 workshops provide turnkey solutions for the main business challenges faced by this industry. These workshops are offered in the form of half-day seminars held throughout the year 2023 in three Swiss cities: Zurich, Bern, and Chur.

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EHL Graduate School

Solutions for organizations

We are a strategic education partner supporting companies to develop talent, address challenges, and stay ahead of the competition. Building on our expertise and unique ecosystem, our business solutions take shape in many different forms, including custom education and training, sponsored research, or student projects. 

Custom Executive Education Programs

Hospitality & Service DNA Solutions

Management workshops & seminars

Custom Executive Education Programs

Our Executive Education programs are tailored to your goals and designed to create impact for your organization. Building on our expertise in applied teaching and learning, we design bespoke transformational learning experiences that are academically grounded and directly relatable to your business realities. 

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Hospitality & Service DNA Solutions

Our experts help you embrace service excellence to differentiate and create value. Service excellence is not a one-time event, it is about crafting a service culture and bringing it to life. We work with you in shaping your brand customer experience and put in place training programs to accelerate your service transformation. 


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Workshops & seminars

Educational and experimental workshops and seminars to engage and inspire your management teams.

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EHL Online

Our online courses are carefully designed so that they can be in your pocket, anywhere, anytime - helping you master skills in current hospitality and service management topics on the go. Designed by our faculty experts, the courses are academically backed, practical, and EHL certified.

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By putting the interpersonal and human component at the center of our activities, we will be equipped to transition into the digital age across multiple industries, including education. For a long time, the keyword 'customer-centricity' has been a...

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What is servitization?

What is servitization? Its origins go back to 1988, Sandra Vandermerwe and Juan Rada presented what they termed the “servitization of business”, explaining how more and more corporations were adding value to their core corporate offerings through...

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