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Master's in Hospitality Management

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Excel in the service and experience economy, your way.

The service and experience economy is rapidly changing, responding to global problems and ushering in a new age for business. The need for skilled changemakers who can infuse innovation is greater than ever.

With our Master's in Hospitality Management, you will embark on a journey to excel in various facets of service and experience economy. Our program blends advanced expertise with hands-on experience, equipping you with the knowledge needed to drive service model strategies. You will have the opportunity to apply your insights through live projects and immerse yourself professionally in an authentic hospitality and service environment.

During the program, you will be guided  on a journey of self-discovery to craft your professional identity. You will have the opportunity to identify your values, strengths, and purpose, paving the way for a fulfilling career. 

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Seize a world of possibilities

Build transferable hospitality skills employers value to give you an edge in diverse industries. 

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NextGen Pioneers

Learn to navigate the challenges of our world, confront the status quo, and create a positive impact.

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Discover Your North Star

A safe space to experiment, chart your purpose and prepare to jumpstart your career.

Key facts


Master of Science
HES-SO in Hospitality Management


18 months (three semesters)



On-Site Locations
On site at our Lausanne Campus


Academic Credits
90 ECTS Credits & 60 US Credits


Start Dates
September of each year


Course Delivery
Face-to-face, full time

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What You Will Learn

Develop Real Business Expertise

This program is your gateway to mastering the art of human-centric management, delving deep into specialized hospitality & service industry insights, and immersing yourself in real-world expertise. This winning formula will fast-track your professional journey and equip you to conquer the thrilling opportunities that await in the dynamic realm of business excellence. 
Our MSc in Hospitality Management explores hospitality and service principles. Learn what operating with agility really means. The program teaches you the nuances of talent management, marketing, revenue strategies, logistics and customer centricity for the industry where humans matter. It gives you the tools to analyze data, trends and stakeholder values to make good decisions, even in fast-changing situations, training you to become an effective specialist.

Specialize as you study: diverse orientation tracks offering an edge in the job market.

Luxury Experience Management

CSR & Sustainable Transformation

Finance, Real Estate & Consulting

Food & Beverage Management

In the modern economy, service excellence and hospitality experiences have become quintessential to enhancing any luxury setting.

You will delve into the nuances of the luxury customer-centric and human-centric approach, learning how to create exceptional moments and service experiences that will leave a lasting impact with clients.


Detailed information

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In today's changing world, there is a growing demand for businesses to embrace sustainability and be responsible towards the environment, society, and stakeholders.

In our specialization, we aim to equip the next generation of socially responsible and sustainable professionals with the tools to cater to these new demands.


Detailed information

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Investments sector is expected to increase globally, and it comes at a time when hospitality and service businesses are implementing new operating, business, and financing models. Learn how to optimize assets and businesses from a financial point of view to achieve profitability at this opportune time.
The food service sector has a high-growth potential, yet restaurants themselves face a highly competitive landscape. This program route takes you through innovative strategies for developing profitable business models and meeting evolving customer expectations.

Be Part of the EHL Experience


Real-World Experience

Explore business challenges and realities first hand to get “industry ready”, develop ideas for management in practice, and work on live projects.


EHL Social Living

Delve into the EHL universe. Enjoy an incredible campus life and become part of a global alumni network community active around the world and across industries.


Industry Guest Speakers

Throughout the program, you will learn new ways of thinking from guest speakers. Discover first-hand the innovations driving the hospitality & service sector forward.

Program Video

Nicole Hinrichs
Explore the transformative journey of our Master's in Hospitality Management, designed to propel your career to unparalleled heights within the diverse realms of the service and hospitality industries. Immerse yourself in a world filled with invaluable insights and inspiring success stories shared by seasoned industry professionals and esteemed alumni.


Admissions, Applications and Fees


Our program is geared towards bachelor graduates with an interest in hospitality and service industry. One of the key factors that sets you apart from other candidates is your overall motivation to join EHL and the specific program. We are also looking for the following personal qualities that we know are vital for your future successful career.

These include:

  • Aptitude for critical thinking & analysis
  • Ability to work in a team and handle communication 
  • Customer-oriented mindset
  • Self-management & personal motivation

Apply Online

You can apply and submit documents online. If you would like any guidance in preparing a successful application, our admissions team will be happy to help.

If you already have an EHL account, please login with your existing credentials to proceed with your application.

Living Cases

Discover the stimulating projects of the Master's in Hospitality Management. Our students work in teams to solve real challenges for client companies, allowing for practical experience and a genuine contribution to the hospitality industry. These projects foster innovation and address specific issues such as refining service protocols and optimizing efficiency, thus enhancing the competitiveness of businesses. The success of these projects is measured by the depth of academic learning and the generation of operational solutions in the real world.
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