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Global change is transforming the world of business and work. Our learning programs equip your people with actionable skills to navigate tomorrow’s challenges, and the tools to put these to use for immediate impact.

We leverage our distinct roots in hospitality and service business management to provide meaningful learning contexts and experiences. Over the past 130 years, we have been pioneering a distinctive teaching approach based on the belief that people learn better through concrete hands-on experience. Our courses are firmly anchored in business realities and enhanced with sensory, experiential, and social learning.

Our bespoke learning solutions are designed for your audience and business objectives, with components including:

  • Blended learning to balance online and onsite delivery on our campuses in Lausanne, Singapore, Passugg, or worldwide in your chosen locations
  • Action learning through transformational sensory and experiential activities
  • Field visits to gain exposure of best practices in other contexts
  • Business projects for real value and immediate impact
  • Individual coaching to accompany your people in the learning journey

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Design transformative programs to achieve to your goals

As a University of Applied Sciences, we take education to the next level - the real-world level. At EHL, our faculty are not only world-class academics but also expert practitioners, joining the worlds of academia and business. Our Custom Executive Education programs are tailored to your organization's unique realities. Our experts work with you to curate relevant programs that equip your teams with practical knowledge and tools that apply directly to your business setting.


Augment your L&D approach

Our bespoke courses and programs are crafted to align with your organization's Learning & Development strategy.

Empower people, drive business outcomes

We work with you to identify your desired business outcomes and measure the impact of our programs.

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Service Excellence & Customer Experience

Excellent customer experiences are a key driver of business success in today’s service economy.  No matter the industry, every interaction with the customer is an opportunity to differentiate and maximize performance. Service excellence is not just about interactions with front line employees, but across an organization’s entire value chain. To become truly customer centric, an organization must embrace it’s service culture that is unique to them and then bring this to life - online and offline - through its physical assets, processes, and people.

How can you design and manifest your brand customer experience to create value in service?



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Health & Wellbeing

Workplace stress and burnout are being flamed by crises and increasing pressure on the workforce. In the meantime, the world is going through a talent revolution – forcing us to re-think what actually matters when it comes to work. Employers have an influential role in the health of their people and the benefits of improving wellbeing have serious implications for business outcomes, including talent attraction and retention, employee engagement, productivity, workforce resilience, innovation potential, and performance. Beyond performance in the workplace, this is also about personal well-being in life.

How can we foster mind, body, and sense of purpose in individuals, teams, and organizations?


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Future of Hospitality

The hospitality industry is often a barometer of societal changes. In the face of transformation triggered by world events, technological advances, and social evolution, the hospitality industry is subject to constant disruption. To survive and thrive, organizations must equip their decision makers and future leaders with the skills to navigate the industry’s dynamic landscape, tackling diverse issues related to labor and talent management, technology, new business models, and evolving customer expectations.

How can you prepare your people for tomorrow to future-proof your organization?


Explore these topics with us

Next Generation Leadership

Young people have different expectations of leaders and companies. They are demanding concrete action to address the world's issues. Key drivers to their decision making are a sense of purpose and the impact of actions on society. As they enter the workforce, they are also highlighting the importance of authentic leadership and human values.

How do we evolve our leadership and business practices to engage with the next generation of young employees and consumers ?

program design

An EHL Program Experience

For over 130 years, we have been pioneering a teaching approach based on the belief that people learn better through concrete hands-on experience. Our courses are rooted in business realities and enriched with sensory, experiential, and social learning.

Tailored to your specific audience and business goals, our customized programs can include diverse components, such as:

  • Blended learning balancing online and onsite delivery on our campuses in Lausanne, Singapore, Passugg, or worldwide in your chosen locations
  • Experiential activities and workshops
  • Field visits to gain exposure of best practices in other contexts
  • Business projects for real value and immediate impact
  • Coaching to accompany your people in their learning journey


A Glimpse of Custom Executive Education at EHL

“The culinary challenge at EHL brings a form of learning that is experiential, interactive and deeply authentic, it adds credibility to the essence of what’s taught on the Innovation in Action course. It is truly a unique and enriching moment full of priceless breakthroughs. The creativity and innovation achieved in a kitchen can be achieved in business!”
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Dr Cyril Bouquet
Professor of Strategy and Innovation & Director of the Innovation in Action program, IMD
« Hospitality is important in health care because, for a patient, being heard, understood and recognized as an individual is absolutely central to their care.»
Béatrice Schaad
Communications Director, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)

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Catherine Rey

Head of Business Development and Sales

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