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EHL Hospitality & Service DNA Solutions support your organization through a business transformation to create tangible value with exceptional service. Whether you're looking to transition from a product to a service business model, improve customer satisfaction, boost your sales performance, or enhance your overall brand reputation, we work with your people to deliver results.

Our experts collaborate with you to revamp your customer experience strategy and provide education and training programs to assist you in successfully putting it into practice. We're dedicated to helping you integrate your organization's service culture as a critical aspect of your differentiation strategy that sets your brand apart from the competition.

our End-to-end approach

Transform Your Customer Experience with EHL's Hospitality & Service DNA Solutions

Our end-to-end approach is designed to carry you through a virtuous cycle, augmenting your customer experience strategy no matter where you are on your journey to service excellence. Our experts work with you to identify opportunities to maximize your service performance, train your people to catalyze change, and measure the outcomes. 










Measure & Refine


Prior to identifying development opportunities relevant to your service environment, procedures, and human interactions, our experts conduct a state diagnosis. Next, we create a future vision for the client experience of your brand together.


We create agreement among executive stakeholders on the transformation's long-term objectives, the brand's distinctive customer experience, and the execution schedule. To guarantee that business goals are met, key quality indicators are developed early on.


Your brand service guidelines and toolkits are created by our professionals in collaboration with you. These come with specially crafted workshops to teach your staff how to use them.


To hasten the adoption of your new customer experience strategy and service rules, our experts provide training that is specifically designed for you. The process of service transformation is fundamentally based on these training sessions. They are intended to empower your people to provide great and dependable client experiences at all levels of the organization, and they are aimed at employees, managers, and executives equally.

Measure & Refine

Finally, we evaluate the specific effects of this transformation on your company. Our professionals carry out audits and assess how your new strategy has affected the caliber of your services. Since there is always a chance to improve things, we are currently actively involved in a continuous process of improvement with you.

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With Hospitality & Service DNA Solutions we are shaping and driving change.

Where it matters most to your clients, we are making a long-lasting beneficial influence. We're doing this across a variety of industries.




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Meet Our Experts

Olivier Verschelde

Global Head Service DNA, Senior Consultant, Switzerland

Strategic Service Design | Service Culture implementation | Employee & Customer Journey

Olivier is leading the global Service DNA team and helping organizations to embrace service excellence as an essential part of their strategy and its execution. He’s a firm believer that a true mind-set change happens first from within the organization, and the individual willingness to continuously strive for excellence is what ultimately makes the difference.

Meygan Gerber

Consultant, Switzerland

Customer Service Design | HR Cycle | Employee & Customer Journey

Meygan helps service organizations to build strong connections between employees, managers and customers by establishing standards, reflecting on the different touchpoints and the customer journey (internal or external). Customer Service Excellence is what she always has in her mind.

Franck Louveau

Consultant, Switzerland

Service Excellence Strategy | Service Leadership | Customer Experience & Service Design | Employee Engagement

Franck helps service organizations to activate their Service DNA and to bring their Service Signature alive. This is about making sure the promise of the brand is aligned with the strategy and the actual service delivery. This is about bringing hospitality and customer care within the brand expression. This is about leading the transformation towards service excellence and service culture through the engagement of all stakeholders in the customer journey - whether it be in the physical world or in
the digital world.

Breandan Ritaine

Consultant, Switzerland

Customer Satisfaction | Business Development | Employee & Customer Journey 

Breandan is a dedicated professional with a resolute commitment to raising customer service standards, achieving exceptional customer satisfaction, and enhancing employee retention and engagement. He endeavors to create a workplace culture where both customers and employees thrive.

Judy Kun Lu

Consultant, China

Training & Coaching | Customer Services Design | Talent Learning & Development

Judy provides consulting, training and coaching in customer service and experience. She also specializes in the HR cycle, designing and developing customized training programs, talent learning and development for hospitality and non hospitality companies.

Kanav Mata

Consultant, India and South Asia

Strategic Service Excellence| Customer Experience Mapping | People and Process Development

Kanav is responsible for People, Process and Product development solutions in relation to driving Service Excellence across organizations. Using his varied experience in the field of Hospitality and Learning & Development and a keen focus on the end customer, he designs and delivers end-to-end solutions with a clear and measurable output.

Shyla Ratna

Associate, India

Business Development | Research | Content Design

Shyla works as an Associate out at the India office. She supports the team on projects, bringing in keen focus & expertise on research, content design & writing, and training design. She is also responsible for business development activities in the region.

Olivier Verschelde


Meygan Gerber


Franck Louveau

Breandan Ritaine

Breandan Ritaine


Judy Kun Lu


Kanav Mata


Shyla Ratna

Olivier-VERSCHELDE Meygan-GERBER Franck-LOUVEAU Breandan Ritaine Judy-LU Kanav-MATA Shyla-RATNA
Olivier-VERSCHELDE Meygan-GERBER Franck-LOUVEAU Breandan Ritaine Judy-LU Kanav-MATA Shyla-RATNA

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Migros Bank
La Prairie
Coca-cola HBC
Bicester Collection
Raffeisen Bank
Pernod Ricard
Cleveland Clinic
Beijing Tourism Group
Audemars Piguet
Emirates Airlines
Emil Frey
Ministry of Tourism - Saudi Arabia
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EHL Graduate School

Case study: Coca-Cola HBC

A Joint Venture in Customer Excellence.

The collaboration between Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and the EHL Graduate School that aims to revolutionize the beverage and hospitality industry in Switzerland by bringing hospitality service into the Premium Coca-Cola HBC portfolio. 


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