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The Master of Science and MBA programs at EHL Graduate School are developed to support students at various points in their professional careers. Our programs embark ambitious people on transformative learning journeys, supporting them to achieve their personal objectives and aspirations.

The MSc programs offered by EHL assist aspiring young professionals and future leaders in gaining the necessary skills to launch a successful career. The MBA and Executive MBA programs provide the resources and setting for more seasoned experts to take their careers to the next level.

early careers

Masters of Science

Enhance your knowledge and skills in specific fields. Became an expert in hospitality, service and beyond. 

experienced professionals

MBA in Hospitality

Get business acumen and leadership skills necessary to advance your career in management.

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EHL Graduate School Degree Programs

Master programs

Our MSc degree programs are recognized in Switzerland (through our association with the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, HES-SO) and in the USA with our accreditation by NECHE.  They establish an optimal foundation for thriving within the dynamic realms of the hospitality and service sector, offering pathways to success in a spectrum of endeavors, ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to roles within multinational corporations.

Master of Science in Hospitality Management

Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business

Master in Hospitality Management

Hosted in Lausanne, Master’s in Hospitality Management (MiHM) is a program that shapes the next generation of pioneers in the service and experience economy. It helps you to unleash a world of possibilities by developing a versatile toolkit and exploring diverse orientation tracks that give you a competitive edge in the job market : CSR & Sustainable Transformation, Finance, Real Estate & Consulting, Food & Beverage Management, Luxury Experience Management. You will delve into the EHL universe, savor an exceptional campus life, and become part of a lifelong global community through EHL's unmatched campus facilities, network, and world-class services.

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Master in Global Hospitality Business

Our Master’s in Global Hospitality Management (MGH) is a transformative adventure spanning three continents. You will craft your legacy as a global hospitality leader with a focus on global strategic thinking, honing the skills required to navigate the complexities of the international hospitality business. It will help you to develop your global leadership toolkit, embracing agility, cultural intelligence, and your unique leadership approach through executive coaching. You will immerse yourself in overseas adventures across prestigious universities in Europe, Asia, and the US, where each location offers an exciting firsthand learning experience. 

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EHL Graduate School Degree Programs

MBA and Executive MBA programs

EHL’s MBA and Executive MBA programs prepare professionals for top leadership and management roles within the hospitality and service industry. Our programs are rigorous and flexible, designed for busy professionals to develop their strategic thinking, decision-making, communication, and human-centric leadership skills.

EHL’s MBA in Hospitality Management

EHL’s Executive MBA (EMBA)

EHL’s Hospitality EMBA with CEIBS

EHL’s MBA in Hospitality Management

Our MBA is a program designed for senior hospitality managers. Taught 80% online and 20% on our Lausanne campus, the MBA in Hospitality combines the benefits of flexibility and a structured learning environment for busy professionals. You will engage with EHL faculty in a rigorous academic curriculum to help you rise to the challenges of managing a complex hospitality business operation. The MBA connects you with like-minded peers from around the world so that you can build strong industry connections, for life. 

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EHL’s Executive MBA (EMBA)

Our EMBA gives you more than business intellect. It equips you with the hard and soft skills you need to lead an organization that puts service excellence at its core. With services contributing 65% to global GDP, organizations across the world are seizing opportunities in this lucrative space. However, many are missing vital components for success – a focus on people, purpose, and customer experience.

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EHL’s Hospitality EMBA with CEIBS

Our Hospitality Executive MBA (HEMBA) is a joint degree delivered in partnership with China European International Business School (CEIBS). With a distinct focus on service business management, the program prepares you for China’s growing service sector. Designed for senior managers, this Executive MBA will help you acquire strong business knowledge and develop your leadership skills to create value through service in China. By the end of the program, you will have the potential to advance your career into executive positions within the service industry.

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Immersion in Hospitality

Master's Experience Day

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Master's Experience Day provides an unprecedented look into the dynamic world of hospitality education and professions. Participants engaged in a variety of exciting activities aimed to create connections with recognized industry experts and successful graduates. From insightful conversations to practical application of knowledge, every second was dedicated to imparting invaluable information and establishing vital networks.
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Master in Hospitality Management
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