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AI Revenue Management
Hospitality Industry

How hoteliers are using AI for Revenue Management

Hotel revenue management is the process of optimizing revenue by predicting demand and setting prices accordingly, most commonly found in hotels to forecast occupancy in order to maximize their room rate, hotel marketing strategy, and overall...

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Tourism in Switzerland Summer 2023

Tourism in Switzerland: A successful summer 2023 for the Industry

The latest figures released by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) have put even more spring in Swiss tourism’s step. Night stays in Switzerland for the months of June and July 2023 were recently published. And the news is good! Night stays (or...

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Hospitality Industry

Data-driven marketing strategy for hospitality: Best practices & tools

Today, in the best marketing teams, nothing is improvised. Data is the most valuable asset for these teams, and decisions, strategies, and campaigns are based on it. Marketers in the hospitality industry have embraced this trend, but the data and...

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