Hotel Development and Real Estate Investments

Learn to construct and implement a practical development plan, aligned to your organization.

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6 May 2024

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3x Certificate of Completion
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15 weeks / 8 hours per week
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CHF 5,940

Hotel Development Online Courses

In this online course, you will obtain the fundamental knowledge, skills, and practice to be able to make successful business decisions related to hotel development and investments. This course focuses on three areas – asset management, investments, and valuation, for which knowledge and research in the field is enhanced with real world business practice and cases. By the end of this course, you will be able to evaluate potential business deals, negotiate key terms and clauses in an investments relationship, and recommend strategies to maximize short and long-term financial goals.

Course advantages

  • Learning facilitators available for participant support
  • 100% online, self-paced, accessible whenever and wherever
  • Certificate of Completion delivered by EHL Hospitality Business School
  • Course content from EHL's MBA in Hospitality program

Course highlights

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120+ Lecture Videos

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30+ Executive Interviews

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15+ Interactive Exercises

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15+ Reading & Case Studies

Learning Journey

15 weeks of online courses

Week 1

Hotels and real estate

Markets and their efficiency

Week 2

Financial analysis

Capital types & capital structure


Week 3

Valuation analysis

Direct capitalization-conclusion

Week 4

Investment valuation

Investment analysis

Final assessment

The final assessment evaluates the content learned in the previous four weeks. The assessment can range from multiple choice quizzes (MCQ) to more open response evaluations, like a case study.

Week 6

Strategic hotel investments

Feasibility analysis

Week 7

Project overview

Site analysis

Financial feasibility

Week 8



Week 9

Hotel operators

Operational structures

HMA negotiations

Final assessment

The final assessment evaluates the content learned in the previous four weeks. The assessment can range from multiple choice quizzes (MCQ) to more open response evaluations, like a case study.

Week 11

What is hotel asset management and why is it necessary?

Week 12

Data ownership control & liability
Analysis, tools and building strategies

Week 13

Budget - owner’s perspectives
Asset management plans

Week 14

Various stages of asset management

Final assessment

The final assessment evaluates the content learned in the previous four weeks. The assessment can range from multiple choice quizzes (MCQ) to more open response evaluations, like a case study.


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A Program Advisor will get back to you with feedback or suggestions.

Who should apply?

This course is designed for hospitality professionals, hotel owners, entrepreneurs starting a hospitality business and any professional with business experience wishing to update their skills and learn how to drive hotel revenues.

Admission Criteria

There are no admission requirements to enroll to this course.

Admission Process

To enroll, choose the desired intake and fill in your personal details. You will receive an email with the payment link. You are accepted in the course only upon receipt of payment.


We must receive payment at least five days before the start of the course. Late enrollments can be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

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6 May 2024



CHF 5,940


Most asked question

Payment methods

EHL uses the payment platform Flywire, which provides various payment methods, has no hidden bank fees, and offers favorable exchange rates. The link to the payment platform will be provide after the enrollment form.

Course structure

The 15-week course is a bundle of three individual 5-week courses. Each individual course is structured as following: 
- four weeks of course content
- one week for the final assessment
The advantage of signing up to a the bundle of three courses is the 10% discount, already applied (CHF 5,940 instead of CHF 6,600)

Course content

The course is composed of recorded videos, interactive exercises, case studies and executive interviews. 
The content is based on the modules delivered in EHL’s MBA in Hospitality program.

Final assessment

At the end of each 5-week course, participants are required to take a final assessment. Upon successfully passing the assessment, participants get a certificate of completion.
Depending on the course, the assessment may range from multiple choice quizzes (MCQ), where only one answer is correct, to more open response evaluations, like a case study.
To successfully pass the assessment, participants must get a minimum of 60% of the total points available. You can either PASS or FAIL a certificate, no numerical grades will be officially reflected in the certificate.


Retakes are not available at the end of a program if you fail the final assessment. If you wish to retake the final assessment, you need to re-enroll for the next available session.

Connecting to the platform

A couple of days before the start of the course, participants will receive their credentials by email and will be required to first change their password before being able to join our learning platform Moodle.

Three certificates of completion

A certificate of completion, delivered by EHL, can be obtained at the end of each 5-week course, providing each final assessment is successfully passed.
Each certificate of completion is delivered electronically (secured pdf) with a unique ID associated to the participant.
If a final assessment is failed, no certificate or document related to that course is delivered. Each course is independent from one another; failing a final assessment on one course has no implication on the other courses.

AEHL member discount

AEHL members are entitled to the alumni discount. To benefit from the discount, participants must enter their AEHL number in the discount field in the enrollment form.
Please note this course already has a 10% discount applied. For full details about, please check the EHL Alumni Connect platform.

Upgrade to an MBA in Hospitality

The course content leverages the content of EHL's MBA in Hospitality program. Participants who have enrolled and paid for a 15-week online course, and who wish to join the MBA program, will get a discount on the MBA tuition and fees. In order to join the MBA program, participants must go through an application process.