Health & Well-being: Elevating Performance in the Workplace

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern business world, placing health, well-being, and a nurturing workplace culture at the forefront of organizational priorities is imperative. The ongoing talent revolution and changing expectations of the workforce, driven by younger generations and the reflection prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, have reshaped our perception of what truly matters in the realm of work.

It's important to recognize that the responsibility for fostering health and well-being at work is a shared endeavor. Individuals must take charge of their own health, while organizations must provide an environment that actively works to mitigate chronic stress and promote personal growth and flourishing among employees. Leaders, in particular, play a critical role in championing and supporting the well-being of their teams.

This conference equips professionals with practical tools to enhance individual, team, and organizational well-being, leading to improved engagement, productivity, and a positive workplace culture.

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EHL Hospitality Business School, Lausanne Campus


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Workplace Well-being, the cornerstone of employee engagement and productivity

Organizations are recognizing the critical significance of employee well-being in today's dynamic business context. This workshop emphasizes the importance of a healthy and content workforce as the key to increasing engagement and productivity.

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Well-being at 3 levels: Individual , team and organization

You will learn how to achieve a balance between individual, team and organizational responsibility for well-being, resulting in enhanced performance, improved team relationships, and overall corporate success.


Practical tools: Maximizing employee Well-being

Discover a diverse array of practical tools and insights in this workshop tailored for you. Connect with a wide range of experts across various fields to rethink your well-being strategy. 

What you will gain

Individual Development objectives

Organizational Enhancement Objectives

  1. Understand the importance of health and well-being at work for your individual performance
  2. Acquire a profound understanding of mindfulness techniques, equipping yourself with a rich set of essential skills to empower and elevate your personal well-being.

  3. Understand how emotions are impacting your personal performance and communication and how to harness them effectively.

  1. Understand the pivotal role of employee health and well-being in organizational success, emphasizing their significant impact on overall performance.
  2. Unlock the business potential of well-being initiatives through the advantages they bring: heightened productivity, reduced turnover, improved employee morale, and enhanced organizational resilience.

  3. Obtain actionable tools, solutions & strategies to create a well-being workplace culture.



Event Program


08:30 Registration and welcome coffee


09:00 Opening address: “Human centricity & Well-being"


09:15 The power of mindfulness

Dr. Yves Givel

09:45 "Creating a culture of care”

Interview with Natalie Boudou, corporate health and leadership consultant and author of “HumanForce: The power of emotions in a changing workplace” Dr. Stefano Borzillo, Mrs. Natalie Boudou

10:00 The different layers of well-being: introduction to the EHL approach

Dr. Stefano Borzillo

10:15 The power of emotions at work

Mrs. Natalie Boudou

10:45 Break and energy recharge


11:15 Sleep to perform

Mrs. Anna West

12:15 Fit doesn’t mean healthy

Mr. Mark Guilbert

13:00 Healthy networking lunch


14:30 Parallel breakout sessions 1–7 , turning tables

  • Leveraging your emotions for impactful leadership and improved health
    Mrs. Natalie Boudou
  • Managing stress and building resilience            
    Dr. Lohyd Terrier
  • Cultivating a positive teamwork environment
    Dr. Stefano Borzillo
  • Fostering a healthy corporate culture
    Dr. Sowon Kim
  • Assessment tools to measure emotional intelligence
    Dr. Juliane Völker
  • The need for empathic leaders to make workplace flexibility work
    Dr. Yves Givel
  • Fit is not healthy – from physics to mental well-being 
    Mr. Mark Guilbert

16:40 Break and energy recharge


17:00 Panel discussion: “Well-Being as part of the organizational strategy”

Dr. Stefano Borzillo, Mrs. Natalie Boudou, Mrs. Anna West, Dr. Sowon Kim, Dr. Yves Givel, Mr. Marcello Mortillaro


17:45 Closing remarks


18:00 End of the conference


Dr. Stefano Borzillo

Associate Professor, EHL Hospitality Business School

Dr. Stefano Borzillo is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at EHL. He obtained his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the University of Geneva and was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Stern School of Business (New York University). His main fields of research are communities of practice, processes of knowledge creation, and best practice transfers in organizations. Dr. Stefano Borzillo has also published in peer-reviewed journals such as European Management Journal, Journal of Business Strategy, Management Learning, Knowledge Management Research & Practice, and Journal of Knowledge Management. Stefano has multiple experiences in Executive Education, and in consulting for SMEs and large organizations.

Ms. Natalie Boudou

Founder, HumanForce

With over 20 years' experience in the corporate world working in senior management roles and with a genuine passion for people, Natalie made a seamless transition into the world of executive coaching and consulting. She is a highly experienced, commercial & versatile professional with a consistent track record of successful delivery of tangible results. Natalie is an author, a consultant, a coach, and a facilitator working with executives, senior management and leadership teams from a wide range of corporates and international organisations. She is passionate about leveraging the strengths and potential of individuals at work and have a proven track record in building healthy and resilient cultures at work that deliver performance. 

Dr. Yves Givel

Managing Director, The Mindfulness Company

Dr. Yves Givel is the Managing Director of The Mindfulness Company, a company focusing on mindful leadership development, coaching and HR consulting. Yves is a graduate of the École hôtelière de Lausanne and holds a Master of Science degree in Learning and HRM as well as a Doctorate in Social Sciences from the University of Leicester. His doctoral thesis focused on Organizational Learning, Learning Organizations and Leadership. During his 30 years of hospitality experience, Yves held several senior HR roles with Hyatt Hotels Corporation, including Corporate VP Talent Management at the company’s head-office, and Senior Vice President Human Resources overlooking Hyatt’s EAME & Southwest Asia region. 

Mr. Mark Guilbert

Founder & Managing Director, MG Business Health Solutions

Former professional roller hockey goalkeeper and Powerman World Series duathlete, Mark Guilbert has served as a trusted health educator & keynote speaker across the globe for more than 25 years advocating for a responsible, holistic, and natural approach to the maintenance of sound health. An internationally respected life management coach, he has worked with high profile celebrities from the world of politics, sport, and entertainment. In 1999, Mark developed the Energizing the Business Athlete® (EBA) program, which specializes in putting the human back in humanity – and business. Creating real transformation from the inside out, EBA teaches people how to be the difference that makes the difference.

Dr. Sowon Kim

Associate Professor, EHL Hospitality Business School

Dr. Sowon Kim is an EHL professor and founder of the Women in Leadership (WIL) Initiative. Having lived in eight countries across East Asia, Latin/ North America, and Western Europe, and with over 20 years of work experience in esteemed academic institutions (IESE, INSEAD, Uni. of Geneva) and diverse private companies (consumer goods, high-tech, broadcasting, jewelry), her expertise is anchored in strategically navigating different cultures and inspiring people to move forward together. In her role in executive education, Dr. Kim advocates for honing interpersonal skills, fostering high-performance multicultural teams, and driving organizational culture change. She holds a Ph.D. from the Uni. of Geneva, and her research on personality, career strategies, work-family, and leadership diversity has appeared in academic and practitioner outlets. Beyond her academic pursuits, Dr. Kim is also a co-owner of World of Kids SA, a member of the Board of Directors of the Non-Violence Foundation Project (NVPF), chair lady of HoteliersGuild’s LeadingHotelières, and a member of the Education Committee of the Travel Industry Executive Women’s Network (TIEWN).

Dr. Marcello Mortillaro

Head of applied Research, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences,University of Geneva

Dr. Mortillaro is the Head of Applied Research at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (University of Geneva, Switzerland), where he directed several projects in collaboration with public institutions and private companies. Dr. Mortillaro is the author of several influential publications in international scientific journals and is a frequent media commentator on emotions and emotional intelligence in the workplace. His most recent work focuses on the assessment and training of emotional intelligence in the workplace; he developed one of the first performance-based instruments specifically designed to assess emotional intelligence in the workplace (the Geneva Emotional Competence Test), which has received broad public and industry attention and is already used and integrated in several companies, both for recruitment and staff training.

Dr. Lohyd Terrier

Associate Professor, EHL Hospitality Business School

Lohyd Terrier, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at EHL Business School. He joined EHL in 2008. He received a MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology and a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Provence. He has taught courses in Human Behavior & Performance, Influence & Leadership, Organizational Psychology, Research Methods, Social Psychology, and Interpersonal Relations. He recently developed the healthcare hospitality management course in collaboration with the CHUV.

Dr. Juliane Völker

Scientist, University of Geneva

Dr. Juliane Völker is a psychologist and research scientist at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (“CISA”) of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. After having acquired her doctoral degree on emotional intelligence and musical emotions from the University of Trier, Germany, in 2021, she joined the CISA to work on applying emotional intelligence research to the hospitality industry. Her current focus lies on the development of emotional intelligence measurement and training for hospitality.

Ms. Anna West

Founder, Sleep2perform

Anna West has a background in sports science, specialized in sleep, recovery, and well-being, and is also a medical nurse. Over the last years Anna West has worked in a cross field between research, elite sports, military and corporate performance with a specific mission: To ensure that knowledge about circadian rhythm, sleep, stress and performance does not strand in concluding academic papers, but are transformed into implementable strategies, that can help people change bad habits and ultimately make them understand how they can use sleep as a repeated performance enhancer.



Stefano Borzillo


Ms. Natalie Boudou


Dr. Yves Givel

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Mr. Mark Guilbert


Dr. Sowon Kim


Dr. Marcello Mortillaro


Associate Professor, EHL Group

Juliane Volker (1)

Dr. Juliane Völker

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Ms. Anna West

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This event is for

Business Professionals: Our Workshop is tailored for executives, managers, and business leaders concerned about their team's well-being. 

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: For entrepreneurs, our workshop helps you balance work and well-being. Learn how to integrate healthy practices into your business while maintaining personal equilibrium.

Individuals Seeking Well-being: For individuals, our workshop provides practical guidance to improve your health and well-being. 

HR Professionals: This event is also designed to cater to HR professionals who play a crucial role in promoting well-being within their organizations.

Event Pricing

  • 275 CHF (Public price)
  • 215 CHF (EHL Alumnis)
  • 145 CHF (Students, please contact us to obtain discount code.)