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Luxury Experience Management Specialization

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Crafting Luxury Experiences with Hospitality Excellence

In the modern economy, service excellence and hospitality experiences have become quintessential to enhancing any luxury setting. At the same time, luxury companies are striving to adopt new approaches to engaging with consumers, including concepts and business models from the hospitality sector. In response to these phenomena, the specialization explores how hospitality management principles can be adopted to foster deeper consumer engagement and innovative luxury concepts.

You will delve into the nuances of the customer-centric and human-centric approach, learning how to create exceptional moments and service experiences that will leave a lasting impact with customers.

Is the Luxury Experience Management specialization right for you ? 

The Luxury Experience Management specialization is designed for individuals who aspire to excel in the dynamic and prestigious world of luxury. With us you will:

  • Discover the intricacies of luxury consumer expectations
  • Acquire the skills to apply luxury brand management and marketing techniques
  • Design luxury hospitality concepts and immersive experiences
  • Engage in insightful discussions on emerging trends within the luxury industry
  • Develop the acumen to make effective strategic decisions for hospitality & service businesses.

Aspiring Luxury Professional

You dream of working with or for renowned luxury brands, this specialization provides you with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the luxury industry.

Ambitious Career Changers

You are considering a career change and have an interest in luxury and hospitality? This program provides the necessary foundation and expertise to make a successful transition. 

Service Experience Enthusiasts

You have a passion for providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences and want to harness that passion within the luxury context. 



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By seamlessly integrating EHL's hospitality & service mastery and Cartier's esteemed heritage & client service excellence, we explore new frontiers in consumer engagement within the luxury industry. Watch our video to learn more about our collaborative journey and the innovative strides we're making to elevate luxury experiences worldwide.

Learning Objectives

What you will learn

  • Determine the expectations of luxury consumers based on their psychological motivations, socio-demographic characteristics and observed behavior
  • Apply luxury brand management and marketing techniques to acquire new customers and maintain relations with customers from a higher socio-economic profile
  • Design luxury hotel concepts and hospitality experiences as part of an experiential customer journey
  • Discuss emerging luxury trends and issues
  • Make appropriate strategic decisions for the management of luxury hospitality and service activities




Learning Journey


Conceptualizing Luxury Experiences

This module consists of 4 courses which will enable you to conceptualize and develop luxury hospitality experiences based on luxury marketing key principles and a deep understanding of luxury consumers' motivations.

  • Strategic Branding and Positioning for Luxury Brands 
  • Understanding Luxury Consumer Behavior
  • Luxury Hotel Development and Feasibility Analysis 
  • Luxury Food Service Concept Development

Designing and Operating Luxury Service Businesses

In this hands-on module comprising 4 courses, you will acquire the practical skills needed to successfully design and operate luxury services, taking into consideration both consumers' expectations and new trends in the luxury industry. 

  • Luxury Retail and Omnichannel Strategy
  • Designing Luxury Multisensory Experiences
  • Luxury Service Quality and Processes
  • Implementing Sustainability in the Luxury Industry 

Developing Luxury Competencies

This module consists of a one-week Luxury Field Trip followed by a Concept week. During the field trip, you will be immersed in the world of luxury experiences. You will experience real luxury services, discover how luxury goods are manufactured and have several opportunities to discuss with managers of luxury hotels and luxury retail stores.

  • Luxury Business Field Trip
  • Luxury Concept Week

specialization director

Dr. Florent Girardin


Dr. Florent Girardin, an accomplished scholar, holds a PhD from HEC Lausanne and has consistently demonstrated his profound expertise in the realm of luxury.

Driven by a passion for unraveling the intricacies of consumer behavior, Florent's academic research delves deeply into consumers' responses to brand and product positioning strategies, with a particular focus on the brand authenticity, which has garnered considerable attention in both academic and industry circles.

His research goes beyond traditional boundaries, drawing insights from philosophy, sociology, and psychology to provide a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms that underpin consumers' attitudes toward brands and products, as well as how these attitudes manifest themselves in various aspects of consumers' lives.

Dr. Girardin shares his vast knowledge through courses in Hospitality Marketing and Luxury Brand Management. His scientific work has appeared in major journals such as "Journal of Consumer Psychology" and "Psychology and Marketing." Furthermore, he has used his experience as a Growth Driver at PwC Switzerland to broaden his practical knowledge of the luxury industry.

specialization highlights

What Makes It Special

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Holistic Luxury Management

Our specialization provides a 360-degree view of luxury management within hospitality and service. We tackle emerging trends like purpose-driven luxury, sustainability, and evolving consumer expectations.


Learning from Leaders in Luxury

We've forged strategic partnerships with top-tier luxury brands to ensure you learn from the best in the industry, gaining insights directly from their success stories through field trips and practical sessions. 

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Customer-Centric Mastery

You'll dive deep into the art of customer- and human-centricity, guided by the expertise of luxury brand professionals. You'll craft unforgettable service moments and experiences that match the standards set by the world's leading luxury brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about the Luxury Experience Management specialization? Below we have answered some commonly asked questions.

What is covered in the Luxury Experience Management specialization?

You’d explore evolving trends in luxury management, follow the latest business practices, and gain a holistic view essential for strategic and operational decision-making. Through this specialization, you will learn to excel at the intersection of the luxury and hospitality sectors.

Is it possible to take the Luxury Experience Management specialization separately?

No, this specialization is part of the Master in Hospitality Management and can only be selected as part of this program.

Do I need any experience in luxury to select this specialization?

No, you don't need any prior experience in luxury. Meeting the minimum requirement for MiHM program ensures that you have an equal opportunity for acceptance, just like any other applicant.

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