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CSR & Sustainable Transformation Specialization






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Redefining Success through Sustainability, Responsibility and Innovation

In today's changing world, there is a growing demand for businesses to embrace sustainability and be responsible towards the environment, society, and stakeholders. Future industry professionals need to possess a comprehensive understanding of sustainability that goes beyond mere green marketing or reporting. It requires an entrepreneurial mindset, a holistic worldview that recognizes interconnectedness, the ability to lead change rather than follow, and an appreciation for human and social well-being.

In our specialization, we aim to equip the next generation of socially responsible and sustainable professionals with the tools to cater to these new demands. We emphasize that long-term financial success and sustainability are not contradictory but rather intertwined.

Is the CSR & Sustainable Transformation specialization right for you? 

The CSR & Sustainable Transformation  specialization will help you to gain advanced skills in sustainability and responsible business practices to lead positive change in today's evolving world. With us you will:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and its ESG dimensions
  • Learn the key components of humanistic management, ethical leadership, and their integration into CSR
  • Gain expertise in change management, organizational development, and critical success factors for transformation
  • Develop skills in strategic foresight, sustainable supply chain management, and innovation.
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Sustainability Enthusiasts

Are you a recent bachelor graduate with a passion for sustainability and a desire to specialize in this field? Our program is the  starting point for building a strong foundation for your career

Future Change Makers

If you're driven by a desire to lead positive change and contribute to a more sustainable and responsible business landscape, this specialization is tailored for you

Responsible Industry Innovators

Did you have your first experience in this field? It will provide you with advanced knowledge and skills to play a leading role in promoting sustainability in various industries


Learning Objectives

  • Develop a holistic understanding of sustainability and identify its different challenges and dimensions (ESG)
  • Discover and explore novel management practices in responsible hospitality and beyond
  • Design and implement profitable and sustainable hospitality and service business concepts
  • Enhance leadership capacity for responsible organizational development and transformative change
  • Be able to take effective actions for personal and organizational resilience
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Learning Journey


Foundations and Dimensions in Sustainability

This module consists of 4 courses which will enable you to develop a dynamic and holistic understanding of sustainability for business and society. You will learn how to apply key concepts and tools of sustainability to analyze grand challenges, develop evidence-based solutions and solve business dilemma.

  • Foundations of Sustainability
  • Social Sustainability & Humanistic Management
  • Financial Sustainability
  • CSR & Business Ethics

Transforming Business and Society

In this hands-on module comprising 4 courses, you will acquire the practical skills needed to successfully initiate, shape and institutionalize sustainability transformation processes, taking into consideration strategic as well as operational aspects of these change processes in various service industries.

  • Change Management & Organizational Development
  • Strategic Foresight & Organizational Learning
  • Ecological Sustainability & Supply Chain Management
  • Implementing Sustainability in the Luxury Industry

Sustainability in Action

This module consists of a one-week Sustainability Field Trip followed by a Sustainability Transformation Project. During the field trip, you will be immersed in current issues and next practices of CSR and Sustainable Transformation. During the Sustainability Transformation Project you will apply and integrate knowledge from your previous courses, coached by experts, in order to make your personal impact on business and society.

  • Sustainability Field Trip
  • Sustainability Transformation Project


specialization director

Dr. Stefan Güldenberg


Dr. Stefan Güldenberg stands as a Full Professor at EHL and serves as Academic Director at EHL’s Graduate School.

Dr. Güldenberg's academic journey boasts an impressive background, including a Habilitation in Knowledge Management and Leadership from WU Vienna, a PhD in Strategic Management and Management Control from the same institution, and a Diploma in Business Mathematics earned at the University of Ulm.

Stefan's commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering sustainable practices has taken him across the globe. He has held Professorships and Visiting Professorships at esteemed institutions such as Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the National University of Singapore, University of Liechtenstein, and WU Vienna. Currently, he serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Austrians CEOs for Future Association and holds the prestigious position of President at the New Club of Paris, a think tank and influential agenda-setter in the knowledge economy landscape.

With over 30 years of experience in strategy research, strategy consulting, and as an expert platform founder, Dr. Güldenberg is a trusted source of insight in the fields of strategic management, sustainable leadership, and knowledge management. He seamlessly bridges the gap between strategic management and sustainable practices, aligning long-term success with responsible business strategies.

specialization highlights

What Makes It Special

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Integration of Sustainability and Business Success

This integration ensures that you become not only sustainability advocate, but also strategic contributors to the bottom line of a company.

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Cutting-Edge Insights and Practical Tools

Our program focuses on next practices that are shaping the future of responsible business. By studying these emerging trends and innovative approaches, you gain the knowledge and tools needed to actively drive business transformation.

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Interdisciplinary Approach

We believe that solving complex sustainability challenges requires a combination of knowledge from various fields. Our curriculum blends insights from business, environmental science, sociology, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about the CSR & Sustainable Transformation specialization? Below we have answered some commonly asked questions.

What is covered in the CSR & Sustainable Transformation specialization?

The specialization prepares you to apply key concepts and tools of sustainability to analyze grand challenges in business and society and develop evidence-based solutions in order to tackle them.

Is it possible to take the CSR & Sustainable Transformation specialization separately?

No, this specialization is part of the Master in Hospitality Management and can only be selected as part of this program.

Do I need any experience in sustainability or CSR to select this specialization?

No, you don't need any prior experience in these fields. Meeting the minimum requirement for MiHM program ensures that you have an equal opportunity for acceptance, just like any other applicant.

Can I change my specialization if I've already chosen one?

You are required to select your specialization track upon application for the program. However, the program management can support specialization changes during the first semester of the program on a case basis, to align with your interests and aspirations.



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