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EHL Study Trips

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Immersion in Hospitality

The EHL Study Trips, an opportunity designed specifically for professionals, MBA students, and executives seeking to immerse themselves in the world of hospitality, luxury, and human-centric service. These, therefore, are one-to-five day short courses which provide an insight into the management principles and organizational practices which have placed EHL as a world class institution in hospitality management education.

Our flexible programs include half-day sessions on the EHL campus (Lausanne or Singapore), engaging guest speaker appearances, insightful company visits, and in-depth discussions with senior management from a range of industries. Each component is designed to provide a holistic understanding of contemporary challenges and innovations in hospitality and luxury service.

The EHL Study Trips Experience - The Perfect Opportunity for You

EHL Study Trips blend serious learning with enjoyable experiences, offering a unique way to enhance your knowledge through interactive and fun-filled industry insights.

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Customize Your Learning Experience

Our study trips are designed to meet your specific needs, including half-day sessions on campus, guest speaker appearances, and company visits.

Network With Industry Experts

Through our wide network of partners, you will have the chance to connect with and gain knowledge from leading professionals in a range of industries.

Explore Switzerland or Singapore

Choose between our campuses in Switzerland and Singapore for a unique and enriching experience, tailored to your location and preferences. Experience the hospitality with a local taste. 

Sample Itinerary


Day 1: Introduction, Learning Session, and Immersive Company Visit

Start your day with an insightful lesson. After lunch, dive into the world of hospitality with a visit to a top company. Experience excellence firsthand as you explore their operations and meet industry professionals.


Day 2: Learning and Discovery

Participate in interactive sessions and conversations, followed by a fulfilling lunch break. Afterwards, embark on a company tour for practical learning opportunities and valuable findings.


Day 3: Culinary Experience & Guest Insights

Dive into enriching lessons and discussions, savor Berceau Des Sens culinary experience, and gain industry insights from our guest speaker.



Day 4: Conclude & Celebrate

Showcase your learnings through presentations and discussions, reflect on your journey, and celebrate your achievements with a ceremony cocktail.

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Study Trips Brochure


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The one-week EHL program challenged my students' perspectives by immersing them in diverse cultures, business environments, customs, and ways of thinking. The lectures and company visits provided them with a unique opportunity to broaden their worldview and develop a more global perspective. Engaging with EHL experts and Swiss professionals during the study trip provided my students with insights and perspectives that are not typically available in a traditional classroom setting. This trip has significantly enriched their learning experience by offering them real-world examples and practical applications of the concepts they are studying in Hong Kong. The topics covered, including digital transformation, ESG, multicultural management, and luxury management, are all current trends in the hospitality industry. This experience has enabled me to expand my knowledge base and teaching cases, which I can now incorporate into my lessons in the future.
Candace FU Sui Tuen
Senior Lecturer Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about the EHL Study Tours? Below we have answered some commonly asked questions.

How do EHL Study Tours enhance participants' understanding of hospitality, luxury, and human-centric practices?

EHL Study Tours enhance participants understanding of hospitality, luxury, and human-centric practices through engaging experiences like visits to companies, talks by guest speakers, and conversations with industry experts.

In what ways do EHL Study Tours provide hands-on learning experiences and networking opportunities within various industries?

EHL Study Tours let participants directly engage with industry professionals through visits and networking, offering insights, connections, and career opportunities in hospitality.

What unique features differentiate EHL Study Tours from traditional educational programs, and how do they cater to the diverse needs of participants?

EHL Study Tours set themselves apart from traditional educational programs by offering personalized experiences that cater to the specific needs and interests of participants. Whether it's through customizable itineraries, a variety of topic offerings, or access to EHL's extensive network of partners, these tours create a one-of-a-kind learning environment that integrates academic knowledge with practical application, enabling participants to grow both professionally and personally.


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