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Benefits of a Healthy Well-Being Culture: Navigating Mind, Body, and Purpose in the Modern Work Landscape


Workplace stress and burnout are being flamed by crises and increasing pressure on the workforce. In the meantime, the world is going through a talent revolution – forcing us to re-think what actually matters when it comes to work. Leaders have an influential role in the health of their teams, and the benefits of improving well-being have significant implications for business outcomes. Beyond performance in the workplace, this is also about personal well-being in life.

As emerging leaders from the younger generation take the helm, there's an imperative call to innovate strategies that promote comprehensive well-being and instill a profound sense of purpose across individuals, teams, and organizations. Noting a marked inclination towards well-being, perpetual growth, and the marriage of professional tasks with personal values, it becomes vital for enterprises to evolve, striking a meticulous balance between personal desires and occupational obligations. This metamorphosis not only magnetizes the “crème de la crème” of talent but also sets the stage for a flourishing and rewarding work ambiance, signifying a momentous juncture to reshape the core of work, wellness, and purpose in our dynamic professional landscape.

Confronting the Global Workplace Well-Being Crisis

In this era where work frequently steals the spotlight, the welfare of the worldwide workforce has emerged as a significant worry. Across the globe, employees are grappling with the unyielding strains of workplace pressures. These alarming statistics not only highlight a growing mental health crisis, but also have profound economic repercussions.

of people in the global workforce are reporting high burnout and distress symptoms [1].

12 billion

annual working days are lost because of mental health issues, costing over $1 trillion a year from reduced productivity [2].

Only 10%

of hospitality employees received training or support for health and well-being despite high burnout rates.


Benefits of Employee Well-being Programs

The Business Imperative of Prioritizing Workplace Well-Being

Creating a workplace culture that prioritizes human welfare is not just a moral obligation, but also a smart business decision. Successfully implementing programs centered on productivity and well-being has brought tangible benefits to organizations, including:

  • Mitigating burnout and curtailing healthcare expenses
  • Elevating engagement, teamwork, and drive
  • Augmenting performance and efficiency
  • Securing and drawing in the industry's best professionals
  • Preparing employees to adeptly navigate shifts and adversities
  • Stimulating inventive thinking and pioneering solutions
  • Refining service ethos and enhancing overall standards.


Beyond these benefits, there's also a tangible business-oriented return on investment. This ROI is realized through profitability gains, derived from managers who are optimally trained and equipped to pinpoint, address, and support the needs of both individuals and teams effectively.

Our Health & Well-Being at Work Initiative

A Systemic Approach to Health & Well-Being at Work

Across the globe, HR leaders are reporting that mental health and well-being are top priorities for their organizations, and employers are investing unprecedented resources in employee mental health and well-being benefits. However, research shows that investment in yoga classes, napping rooms, and meditation don't solve the problem [3]. These efforts frequently fall short in addressing the underlying causes of employee stress, disengagement, and burnout.

At EHL Graduate School, we take a holistic strategic approach that is key to fostering optimal health and well-being. Our initiative tackles systemic solutions that not only address the issue at the individual level but also at the organizational level. By bringing our approach to life in individuals’ behaviors, management practices, and organizational cultures, we seek to create a world where both people and organizations can thrive.

Our approach addresses the issue at 3 levels: the individual, with leadership & teams, and at the organization.

Employee Health & Well-Being
Leadership and Team Health & Well-Being
Organizational Health & Well-Being

Empowering oneself by actively diagnosing and cultivating your own physical, emotional, and mental well-being is a crucial step. It allows you to lead by example, demonstrating the importance of well-being not only in words but through personal action and positive influence on those around you. A significant aspect of this empowerment is to identify and implement individual strategies and tools that resonate with your personal needs and circumstances. By discovering what works for you personally, you can further enhance your well-being, which in turn, cultivates a positive and proactive approach towards fostering a culture of health and flourishing within your environment.


Leading effectively entails more than simply work management; it also includes the skill of motivating and communicating with others in order to foster engagement and ideal interpersonal dynamics.


Developing a strong company culture is pivotal. It involves not only setting the tone but also crafting a set of best practices and robust processes that ensure the seamless integration of health and well-being into the fabric of your organization.

Health & Well-being Conference

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In today's ever-evolving business world, emphasizing health, well-being, and a nurturing workplace culture is essential. The changing expectations of the workforce, driven by younger generations and ongoing talent transformations, have reshaped our understanding of what truly matters at work.

It is important to acknowledge that fostering health and well-being at work is a shared endeavor. Individuals must take charge of their own health, while organizations must create an environment that minimizes chronic stress and promotes personal growth among employees. Leaders, in particular, have a crucial role in championing and supporting the well-being of their teams.


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Our immersive workshops and seminars aim to ignite inspiration among your management teams regarding various aspects of health and well-being in the workplace. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity for you to introspect and evaluate your health and well-being strategy.

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Our Faculty & Experts

Dr. Stefano Borzillo

Associate Professor, EHL Hospitality Business School

Dr. Stefano Borzillo is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at EHL. He obtained his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the University of Geneva and was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Stern School of Business (New York University). His main fields of research are communities of practice, processes of knowledge creation, and best practice transfers in organizations. Dr. Stefano Borzillo has also published in peer-reviewed journals such as European Management Journal, Journal of Business Strategy, Management Learning, Knowledge Management Research & Practice, and Journal of Knowledge Management. Stefano has multiple experiences in Executive Education, and in consulting for SMEs and large organizations.

Dr. Sowon Kim

Associate Professor, EHL Hospitality Business School

Dr. Sowon Kim is an EHL professor and founder of the Women in Leadership (WIL) Initiative. Having lived in eight countries across East Asia, Latin/ North America, and Western Europe, and with over 20 years of work experience in various academic institutions (IESE, INSEAD, Uni. of Geneva) and private companies (consumer goods, high-tech, broadcasting, jewellery), her expertise lies in strategically navigating diverse cultures and inspiring people to move forward together. Dr. Kim teaches leadership and intercultural management to executives, managers, and undergraduates. She holds a PhD from the Uni. of Geneva and her research on personality, networking, work family, and leadership diversity has appeared in academic and practitioner outlets. 

Dr. Lohyd Terrier

Associate Professor, EHL Hospitality Business School

Lohyd Terrier, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at EHL Business School. He joined EHL in 2008. He received a MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology and a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Provence. He has taught courses in Human Behavior & Performance, Influence & Leadership, Organizational Psychology, Research Methods, Social Psychology, and Interpersonal Relations. He recently developed the healthcare hospitality management course in collaboration with the CHUV.

Natalie Boudou

Founder, HumanForce

With over 20 years' experience in the corporate world working in senior management roles and with a genuine passion for people, Natalie made a seamless transition into the world of executive coaching and consulting. She is a highly experienced, commercial & versatile professional with a consistent track record of successful delivery of tangible results. Natalie is an author, a consultant, a coach, and a facilitator working with executives, senior management and leadership teams from a wide range of corporates and international organisations. She is passionate about leveraging the strengths and potential of individuals at work and have a proven track record in building healthy and resilient cultures at work that deliver performance. 

Dr. Yves Givel

Managing Director, The Mindfulness Company

Dr. Yves Givel is the Managing Director of The Mindfulness Company, a company focusing on mindful leadership development, coaching and HR consulting. Yves is a graduate of the École hôtelière de Lausanne and holds a Master of Science degree in Learning and HRM as well as a Doctorate in Social Sciences from the University of Leicester. His doctoral thesis focused on Organizational Learning, Learning Organizations and Leadership. During his 30 years of hospitality experience, Yves held several senior HR roles with Hyatt Hotels Corporation, including Corporate VP Talent Management at the company’s head-office, and Senior Vice President Human Resources overlooking Hyatt’s EAME & Southwest Asia region. 

Anna West

Founder, Sleep2perform

Anna West has a background in sports science, specialized in sleep, recovery, and well-being, and is also a medical nurse. Over the last years Anna West has worked in a cross field between research, elite sports, military and corporate performance with a specific mission: To ensure that knowledge about circadian rhythm, sleep, stress and performance does not strand in concluding academic papers, but are transformed into implementable strategies, that can help people change bad habits and ultimately make them understand how they can use sleep as a repeated performance enhancer.


Mark Guilbert

Founder & Managing Director, MG Business Health Solutions

Former professional roller hockey goalkeeper and Powerman World Series duathlete, Mark Guilbert has served as a trusted health educator & keynote speaker across the globe for more than 25 years advocating for a responsible, holistic, and natural approach to the maintenance of sound health. An internationally respected life management coach, he has worked with high profile celebrities from the world of politics, sport, and entertainment. In 1999, Mark developed the Energizing the Business Athlete® (EBA) program, which specializes in putting the human back in humanity – and business. Creating real transformation from the inside out, EBA teaches people how to be the difference that makes the difference.


Dr. Stefano Borzillo


Dr. Sowon Kim


Dr. Lohyd Terrier


Natalie Boudou


Dr. Yves Givel

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Anna West

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Mark Guilbert

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